Indian Solenoids® is an established manufacturer and exporter of Solenoid Coils, Linear Actuators, DC Contactors and allied electromagnetic products.
Since 1982.

The foundation of Indian Solenoids® was laid in 1982. Back then, the founders had left their secure jobs and ventured into the unknown world of entrepreneurship with only hope and confidence as their loyal support.

And over the years, the company grew by leaps and bounds.

Presently, Indian Solenoids® is a vibrant mix of Engineers, Leaders, Artists, Experienced professionals and Machine operators working in harmony to enhance its customer’s satisfaction.

In 1982, Indian Solenoids® began manufacturing twenty pieces of Solenoids, every month, for a firm based in Thane, MH. Then, owing to the constant efforts and effective technical skills of its directors and employees, it started receiving offers to develop Electric Contactors and Actuators, as well,  for several local companies. And then on, it has been galloping on a dream run!

Indian Solenoids®  manufactures close to 1500 different products, presently. The following are the major categories.

1) Solenoid Coils

2) Solenoid Actuators

3) DC Contactors

4) Epoxy-casted Products

Also, with over three decades of experience in its kitty, Indian Solenoids® has launched the following services.

1) Technical advice on Electromagnetic (EM) products

2) General/ Technical advice on Industrial Projects involving EM products

If you need any service and/ or product other than those mentioned here, please contact us and inquire, and we will be eager to help you out in case it falls within our capacity, or else, we will be happy to direct you to other competent companies.

Our products are supplied all over India, across various industries, to most of the leading companies. We currently export to the USA, Kuwait, and the UAE.

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